The governing bodies of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania are the President and the Senate. The President acts as the Chamber’s Executive Director and is accountable to the Senate. The Senate is comprised of distinguished individuals ready to place a diverse range of skills and experience at your service. Both bodies are elected by the founding members.

In addition, the Chamber includes a network of consultants, advising us in various aspects of the Chamber’s activities.

Rimas Čuplinskas


Rimas Čuplinskas, a Canadian and Lithuanian citizen born in Toronto, is Co-founder and Creative director of umlautmedia – a media and design agency based in Germany and Lithuania. Rimas studied philosophy and computer science at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn (Germany) and was Director of the European Lithuanian Cultural Centre and Chairman of the Board of the Private Lithuanian Secondary School in Germany. In 1990 he served as Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to Vytautas Landsbergis, first Head of State of the re-established Republic of Lithuania.

Gytis Kaminskas


Gytis Kaminskas studied at universities in Lithuania, Switzerland and the Netherlands and has almost 20 years of practical experience as a lawyer. Gytis specializes in European, civil, environmental, stock company and commercial law and is an expert in international commecial and private law as well as the fields of public tenders and competition law. In addition he has national and international experience in arbitration cases. Gytis has worked as an advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Lithuanian Government. Since 2004 he is a partner of international law firm TGS Baltic.

Further Senate members:

Danutis Baubonis

CEO “UAB Taxillus”, CEO “UAB Novogaming Vilnius”, CEO “UAB Azarto Technika”

Andrius Kabišaitis

Director Legal Department, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Arūnas Pemkus

Chairman “Integrity PR”, Managing Director “Fipra Lithuania”

Darius Udrys

Strategy Director and Founding Partner “UAB Neue Unica”

Chamber Consultants:

Lukas Kaminskas

Attorney at law, Member of Lithuanian Bar Association (Corporate Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial Law, Finance, Shareholders Disputes, Dispute Resolution, Litigation.)